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Modern modular switches can transform your house. Our contemporary switch accessories online collection will leave you with plenty of options because it combines safe construction with stylish designs and a modular appearance. 

Various low-voltage switches, extension sockets, and wiring accessories are available at the Legrand E-Shop. Choose from remote control alternatives, key fobs that turn lights on and off with a button, and smart switches that can be controlled from your smartphone. The modular switches and sockets from Legrand offer exceptional quality, security, and versatility, giving you peace of mind about the connections that power your life. The cutting-edge, contemporary Legrand modular switches and sockets are designed to meet all home automation specifications. The product line has various designs, making them suitable for any setting. Additionally, Legrand Eshop offers a distinctive selection of switch covers.

Switches with extremely high current carrying capability are available from Legrand. Legrand Arteor Switches are available in various colours and finishes to enhance your living space. Making your home uniquely yours requires highlighting, complementing, and letting them reflect your style. Even the smallest component seems perfect, thanks to our selection of cover plates that are available in a variety of designs and colours, which push the boundaries of form and functionality.

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