Legrand E-Shop provides electric sockets that will match your interior design while providing excellent power for many years. The innovative, modular switch socket design improves usefulness and protects your house from electrical risks. With regard to materials and shutter design, Legrand 16 amp 3 pin socket Sockets use the most recent technologies to guarantee a safe experience. To accommodate homeowners' preferences and needs, we offer a variety of electrical modular sockets for the home.

The modular sockets in the Arteor family have a stylish, wall-hugging shape and a timeless finish that goes with any interior. The flat switch form of the range is complemented by the elegant, streamlined appearance of the sockets.

Modular power outlets are now available for direct purchase from Legrand Eshop for home, office, and industrial use. Buy electrical sockets from our online store at the lowest price with confidence knowing that you're getting top-notch goods with real warranties and support. You can also check the costs for our various power switch ranges for modular switch sockets through the Legrand E-shop.

The Arteor modular switches and shuttered sockets are well-designed for mechanical robustness and self-lubricating qualities, with safety given due consideration. These 3-pin sockets are made of high-quality, UV-stabilized, flame-retardant polycarbonate, guaranteeing they won't discolour with time. They are shuttered for child safety. The flexible brass connector on the modular line of universal sockets can effectively handle a strong withdrawal pull since it is encased in an engineered plastic cage for improved contact grip.

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