Connected Switches & Accessories

Our relationship with the environment has changed as a result of modern technology. It works well for lighting control as well, where the wireless light switch has become a revolutionary invention.

Using a wireless light switch, you may control your lights without any hassle. Legrand Eshop switches, in contrast to standard wall switches, employ electronic signals to communicate and enable remote control of your lights. They seamlessly integrate with your existing lighting system, giving you convenience, versatility, and superb light control. 

To create the perfect ambience in your living space, think about employing a dimmer switch. Often known as a light regulator, a dimmer switch is a tool that lets you control the brightness of your lights. 

Some cutting-edge plugs allow integration for blind control in addition to lighting control. You may regulate the amount of natural light that enters your space using this blind control. It produces a peaceful setting that cares for your comfort and privacy.

The often-ignored cover plates are essential for both look and functionality. 

The best brands of electrical covers and socket covers may enhance the overall aesthetic of your home while guaranteeing longevity and safety.

Many different customizable options for cover plates may be purchased from Legrand Eshop.

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